About The Project

Inktober 2019

In 2019 I was recovering from being very sick but I feld fit enoght to partisapate in the Inktober Festival at Instagram.

I decided to make a story where the keywords of the prompt list should determint every frame of the story – just for fun. So the story was then released one frame a day juring Inktober 2019.

It proved more than difficult to keep up the speed of one picture a day, and beside I discovered that I have lost my ablility to write english in the process of recovering form a stroke I had earlier.

The result was a very weird story full of errors, that shouldn't have had a chance to become a success. But it did.

The reaction was overwhelming. I was asked if it will come as a real publication (in colour) and if there will be a continuation.

I had to reconsider:

In colour – yes, maybe some day.

A real publication – I just have to figure out how.

A continuation – Well - if I can continue that weird story. I got to think of something.

I need to figure out how.

First problem was that the original Instagram format didn't fit well into a printed book.

I spend november on talking with some people to get an idea how to translate the Instagram format into a book format. Meanwhile I gave some thoughts to how to continue the story, and made a Christmas pictures that I could released at Christmas.

Then disaster stoke ones again. My mom got a stroke in december, and in february she was dead. Then came COVID-19 and I got that too. The result was that the entire project stood still throughout 2020.

First in february 2021 I was well enough to hold on a pencil and I could continue my work. I'm still not well and the progress is still very slowly but I hope you'll be patient.

Right now I have solved the problem of the format and gives the story a redesign, and I'm work on colours and a draft for a web-edition of the story.

Nicolai, february the 21st 2021.